Winter 2017

Prom Country Photo Competition

Prom Country Regional Tourism (PCRT) is hosting a seasonal photography competition to capture the uniqueness of the Prom Country (South Gippsland) region. The second competition - Winter 2017 - is now complete.

The Winter 2017 competition has now closed.
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Congratulations to the following winners of the Winter 2017 competition:

Best Image - as chosen by PCRT

Golden Glow at Nerrena by Janine Clark
Golden Glow (Nerrena)
by Janine Clark

People's Choice - as selected by public vote

Winter Walks at Outtrim by Shirley Arestia
Winter Walks (Outtrim)
by Shirley Arestia

Randomly-selected voting prizewinners

  T. Wilson, Ethan Burrows, Srividya Narayanan and Lisa Poynton  

Winners will be contacted via email.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event. We have been thrilled to see such a wonderful selection of images from across the Prom Country region.

With so many different interpretations of the theme: 'Winter in Prom Country', and such a high-quality assortment of photos, we are sure everyone who voted would agree that selecting favourites was a very difficult task. Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter a vote, enter a photo, or share news of this competition with family and friends.

We hope to run another Prom Country Photo Competition in the near future, so please stay tuned for more information, and keep getting out and about taking photos in Prom Country!